6 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

May 14th is Bond With Your Dog Day! I love this celebration day as it’s a chance to reflect and become closer to our furry friends. It’s also an interesting time to think about all the uniquely fun ways you and your dog bond! Here are my findings from different articles I’ve read but adding a fun Callie twist from what I’ve learned throughout the years of being around dogs, taking care of them, photographing them, and even walking them for others.

1. Standard Training or a New Trick

Take time out of your day to sit down with your dog and train! Whether it’s something they’re already working towards or maybe you want to teach a new trick, having that uninterrupted time together means the world. Routine is also a helpful factor in training. Dogs are so smart; if you start doing something consistently, then they will follow suit. There have been so many times where I’ve started doing one thing and the dog has caught on to what it was. Give them some credit! There may not be a thought in their brain most days but dogs are truly human’s best friend. And remember to not do it for too long and watch their body language; we all get tired from training eventually!

2. Attention, Attention, Attention

Truly my favourite way! This is the moment that we all love; they love it, you love it. Having a little alone, quiet time with your dog is such a self-care moment. Put on a relaxing movie, get cuddly on the couch, and just decompress from your day! Giving them your attention after a stressful day can be so healing for both of you. Now, I know I must be biased because how could you not cuddle your pup twenty-four-seven?! I’m not speaking on behalf of all pet owners but I bet it’s the best part of most people’s days. Have and give some comfort to your furry friend; it can only get better!

3. Play Together

I was tempted to put this in with the attention point but I believe that cuddle time and play time are two different vibes. It really depends on what you’re feeling and how you wish to bond with your dog that day! If you and your furry friend are in a playful mood, why not take a bit of time to rough around? Whether that’s horsing around, playing tug-of-war or fetch, all play is welcome. And I understand that some dogs might have a lot more energy than we do when it comes to playing. No one said that you can’t lay on the couch, put on a show, and still be a part of the fun. Multitask and have one hand free for your dog! But that does bring us to the next point of my list.

4. Exercise

Exercise! Playtime, like fetch and running around, can work your dog’s muscles and get some energy out, but I’m talking about working out for the both of you! Going on walks, jogs, or runs with your dog can be great. Either it’s a sniffing walk where it helps with their mental enrichment or it’s a workout jog where they can enrich their body. Now, I know that not everyone is a walker or a jogger so my idea is to work them into your routine a little! You might not work out at home but maybe one day out of the week you can! While you’re low in your squat, give your dog a pet. Sit ups but when up, throw their toy. Lunges but when forward, ask to give your dog a paw. There are so many fun ways to incorporate them!

5. Do Your Dog’s Favourite Activities

Every dog is unique and it’s a true journey discovering their preferences. Food, toys, habits, it’s all a learning curve! So since they’re unique in their hobbies as we are, why not enjoy it with them? If they love lounging on their bed, lounge with them on a seat nearby. If they love looking out the window, maybe do some sightseeing with them. Heck, yell at a squirrel with them! I’m sure they’ll initially be confused but after a while, they’ll be glad to have you there. It’s about the little things to make them happy. They might not be our last dog but we’re with them for their whole life; bring out your inner dog for a while!

6. Get a Photo Session Together

Okay, now I’m REALLY biased about this one! Trust me, this is a unique one to go on the list but it’s true! You’re practising tricks, playing around, giving them some cuddles and attention all while it gets commemorated. Obviously, the other ways on this list are something that you can routinely do together but I’m here to say that if you’re thinking about it, go for it! It’ll be like a cute doggy date! You’ll be together getting your picture taken, hanging out, soaking up all the love. And trust me, I’ll be your biggest fan and will be so excited to hear all the stories about your furry friend!

So that’s my six! Tag me on social media @callienicolephoto if you try any of these ways to bond with your dog, I’d love to see you and your fur baby grow closer. Or maybe there’s another special way that you and your dog bond that wasn’t on my list, I’d love to know what that is in the comments or on social media! Have a fur-tastic Tuesday!

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