Boston, Massachusetts

My Boston trip was filled with so many memories! It was one of the most memorable trips that my family has been on. Seeing the iconic Fenway Park for the first time was amazing and what was even better was watching the Blue Jays sweep the three-game series against the Red Sox! We watched the games from three different vantage points in the stadium, even trying out the older seats for a game. It was a breathtaking experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world! The tour of the park was equally breathtaking and well worth the money if you ever find yourself in Boston. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, the tour was rooted in so much of the city’s history that it felt more personal.

A few other stunning places of note we visited were the Mary Baker Eddy Library, the Harvard Campus, and the Aquarium. The echo in the Mapparium globe at the Library was insane; we were moved with wonder! We only had time to go to the residency part of Harvard; the actual Harvard Campus is HUGE so we just took a little fill by visiting the shops and J.P Licks for a frozen treat! The New England Aquarium was my personal favourite as I’m a massive lover of marine life. It was absolutely spectacular! I had the best time and left with a ton of photos! Quincy Market and Boston Common were the last two monumental places we went to on our trip and even though they weren’t big stops on our visit they were still great places to see.

Enjoy the many many pictures I took, I know I will for years to come! If you want a more in-depth play-by-play of our days in Boston, click the links below to take you to each day’s blog post! Happy reading and I hope you are teleported to Boston, even if just for a moment!

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