Waterton, Alberta

This was such an amazing trip and I would go back to Waterton in a heartbeat! We went on a few short hikes and saw beautiful views and quite a lot of wildlife. I honestly got so excited every time we saw a new creature! We saw some bears on two occasions, big-horned sheep, and deer multiple times. Red Rock Canyon and Cameron Lake were two of my photography highlights that I’d love to go back to explore some more! We had two rainy days while we were there but I felt like we made the most of it by spending time with each other playing games in our rooms and bracing the miserable weather to see shops, restaurants, and the Prince of Wales. No matter what the weather was, we were enjoying each other’s company! It was still a trip to remember and a well-needed break from our busy lives. I had missed going to the mountains so much and seeing them slowly come into view when driving to Waterton was incredible! It was a lot of fun taking this small vacation with Calvin and his family and I’m very thankful that they invited me. I will never forget this trip and to make sure of that, I’m super lucky to have documented it all!

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