Boston Trip Day 3

Started off with some breakfast bagels at Bruegger’s Bagels. It was sort of like a Subway but for bagels. You tell the people making the sandwiches what you want first and then you have to tell the cashier what you got. I thought it was a bit weird repeating my order twice but it was still super cool and really delicious! After our breakfast, we headed to the Harvard campus.

We mainly went to the residency part to see the Harvard Statue, go to some bookstores, and grab some ice cream. The Harvard campus is HUGE and we, unfortunately, didn’t have time to go to the actual school part. It was still really cool to say we’ve been to Harvard and checked out at least part of the iconic school. We stopped at J.P Licks for a frozen treat which was very tasty! I got a mango sorbet because I didn’t want my lactose intolerance to ruin my day. After our ice cream, I decided that I did, in fact, want to take pictures in front of the main gates of the residency so Mom and I walked back to it. We accidentally went on move-in day for the new students so there were lots of people! We noticed them before but a group was dancing outside of the gate and helping people. We learned later that they were from the Crimson Key Society. One guy walked up to me and asked if I was the person taking pictures across the street and I said yes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get him in the frame but turns out he was posing! He was incredibly nice so I ran back across the street and grabbed a group photo of all of them. Shout out to Braedon and the Crimson Key Society who were all dancing outside and made my day!

That night, we went to our third and final Blue Jays game. We were standing in line to get through security and right after we got past, a man with a huge camera on his shoulder told us that he was from Sportsnet and asked if he could film us. Yes, SPORTSNET! We, of course, said yes! He started with a close-up of my parents’ anniversary sign and told us that when he panned out, to yell “Go Blue Jays” and start cheering anything we think of. It was a really cool experience and when we got to our seats we logged into our TV app to watch the broadcast. But unfortunately, I don’t think they used the footage. Still a surreal interaction though! We ended up making friends with some boys from Toronto in front of us and the Jays won 6-5 in extra innings again. It was a great experience and series and I’m so grateful that I could share it with my family.

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