Boston Trip Day 4

Alright, alright, don’t get me wrong, the Fenway tour and Blue Jays games were amazing but THIS was my favorite day. It’s all because of the New England Aquarium! I’m in love with marine life and it was so fulfilling visiting this place. We first stopped by the cafe to grab a quick bite to eat. It was such a cute little place and very convenient! Right off the bat, I noticed a beautiful cylindrical tank in the middle that goes all the way to the top with a spiraling walkway. It was extremely cool! We started at the touch tank and made sure we washed our hands before and after. The shark and stingrays swam right up to your hand! You’re meant to lay it flat on the surface of the water and let them come to you. You respect their space and maybe they’ll come to say hi. Very cool!

I made sure that we didn’t miss a thing when venturing around, of course. Everything was breathtaking but some of my highlights were the sea turtle, moon jellies, and the cuttlefish! I’ve heard that cuttlefish can change the color and contrast of their skin to camouflage or confuse their prey but I never thought I’d actually see it for myself. I was freaking out; it was so cool! Another amazing thing that happened was when we were leaving, I wanted to stop by the harbor seal tank again. It was outside of the building before you got in. I started taking pictures of the gorgeous seal and then it started posing! It looked right at me for a very long time and would move around and still look at me. It was honestly magical!

Next, we stopped at Quincy Market for lunch and watched a show by Pogo Fred, which my dad got to be a part of. We were just gonna stop for a quick peek but dad seemed so into it and when Fred was looking for tall volunteers, of course, my 6’4″ dad would be picked! I got a video of the whole thing, he made some jokes about how tall my dad was, and overall it was a good show. We then made a quick run to Boston Common as there was a forecast for a chance of rain and we did not want to get stuck out there in the park if that was the case. We checked out the fountain, the carousel, and The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and just took a quick walk around. A very quick walk. We, unfortunately, got wet regardless! It started to absolutely pour as we were riding the train. I speedily put on the emergency poncho we got at Boston Common (I have a thing about getting wet in normal clothes) and then wore everyone’s purses and valuables that we didn’t want to get wet. Luckily it was just a short walk back to the hotel from the train stop we get off at. Stopped for a minute to catch our breath under an awning and take a video of the craziness then carried on. Finished our night with a nice supper, a bookstore stop, and a swim in the pool. Still, an amazing day if you’d ask me!

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