Brie | Jack Russell Terrier

Brie is such a cutie! When I saw a picture of her for the first time, I knew she had to have some sort of terrier in her. To my wonderment, she was full Jack Russell Terrier! Just like her sister, Brie is a sweetheart. I am in love with her typical Jack Russell look and even more in love with her eyes! The way she looks at you with such admiration just melts your heart. Brie loves to be a part of the action, cuddles, and kisses Every morning when my alarm goes off and Brie realizes that I’m awake, without fail she comes right over to shower me in kisses! It’s such a great start to my day! Another quirky thing I noticed about Brie, though I can’t prove it only a gut feeling as I’ve seen her play around with pillows before, a few times a pillow from the bed went missing. Predictably, it would be outside. How exactly did they get it through the doggy door??? Backward and with a lot of perseverance I’m sure!

I also looked after Brie’s sister while housesitting, check it out!

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