Compact Canmore

A small weekend getaway to Canmore for my cousin’s wedding, what was I gonna do? Not bring my camera? Yeah right! Even though I didn’t get a ton of time to adventure, it was still amazing to hike to the Canmore Engine Bridge with my parents. It was only a 15-minute walk from where we were staying and if you walk along the river instead of the big trail, you can get a lot of stunning photos leading up to the bridge! The river was also such a gorgeous shade of blue. Most of the photos were shot with my 50ml lens which I just found after misplacing it for years, I was pretty happy to be using it again! Autumn is my favorite season so it was great to get some really colorful photos of the bridge and happy my cousin got to have such a beautiful wedding. Saw a bunch of bunnies around too which always brightened my day.
Can’t wait to go back to Canmore and explore more!

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