I Made A Pinterest!

I MADE A PINTEREST!!! I’ve seen so many articles, videos, and posts talking about how Pinterest can be very valuable to photographers. I’m excited to give it a try! I believe there’s a good personal touch when it comes to Pinterest for a business, especially photography. Not only can you upload your blogs and photos and have them a link straight to your website but you can also create fun personalized boards that future clients can see. It’s a little peek into the life of the person who you could potentially be hiring! Pinterest can be a bit cheesy but come on, don’t we like it deeeep down? I do! And sometimes when you know it’s cheesy then we can all laugh together in this Hallmark movie we created.

It’s not a lot but I have a couple of boards going and am excited to create and share more! I love the inspiration pins I’m collecting; it’s so cool to see other photographers all around the world share their work. There are so many poses and prompts out there and I’m sure there are photographers always discovering more! Expanding your knowledge and learning new things is what life is all about. It’s great to organize current trends, ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. I’ll be creating pins and more boards in the future so feel free to follow and get to know me through my collections!

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