Let’s Explore ’24

Goodbye 2023, hello 2024! Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s already 2024. It’s crazy how much time flies by! I had some great photoshoots, adventures, and new equipment to try, and all around had a great year.

There were a few goals for 2023 in last year’s post that I’m glad to say I accomplished! I was able to play more cozy games in my spare time, from old ones that I revisited to newer anticipated ones. If you’re a cozy game fan like me, some of my highlights were: Spiritfarer, APICO, Slime Rancher 2, and Planet Zoo. I find it quite relaxing to sit down next to Calvin and unwind from the day with a cute game (usually filled with cute animals!). I also had a really great work/life balance last year which I was grateful for. I got good at staying connected to friends, and family, and going out at least once a week to see people. Being social, playing games, date nights with Calvin, and board games with friends, I’m all roping in with self-care. So check that box off! It’s always great to still have it as a goal for the year as a reminder to take care of yourself while everything around you is busy.

I have unfortunately not run into more unique pets to photograph but that’ll always be a goal of mine! Unique pets don’t get enough recognition and I want to advocate the fact that they can have their time in the spotlight too. I’m also still trying to be better at consistently posting on social media; I was doing well for most of the year but sometimes you gotta just take care of yourself first! I’d say that overall, 2023 was pretty damn good! Between all the photo sessions and travel trips, it was a great year for me and I’ll always look back on it fondly.

I’m so excited to see what 2024 brings us, it’s a new year and a new opportunity. I’m ever grateful for my photography, to be able to capture and share precious memories forever. Whether they’re mine or someone else’s, I will never take the magic of pictures for granted. I’m looking forward to this year’s photo sessions and what great stories they will hold! Happy 2024!

My Goals for 2024:

  • Play more cozy games
  • Photograph more in the mountains
  • Make time for friends and family
  • Read more books
  • More unique pet pictures!!
  • Continue to post consistently on social media
  • Have fun and love life!

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