My 10 Favorite Shots of 2021

Jas & Sheldon

My first rainy photoshoot and it was quite fun! A split second after a kiss, I snagged this one too! There were many photos from this session that I loved but this one took the cake. There’s so much feeling in a single moment and I’m glad I caught it on camera. The rain was just light enough to get some amazing shots, the park we went to had many good places to photograph, and the whole afternoon was filled with many laughs! This was Jas and Sheldon’s first professional photo session and it made me incredibly happy that they had fun in their session and enjoyed the pictures. I will never forget the time I had with this couple, it was a beautiful photoshoot.

Evie | The Calico

I love this picture because it was so unprompted and if you knew Evie, it’s very in character for her! Evie is such a gorgeous Calico and it only took her one treat to get up on the couch and pose. It was a “Take Your Cat To Work Day” photoshoot and when you work at home, every day is Take Your Cat To Work Day! The photo is featuring my sister’s small business Hibyrdi Embroidery. Evie is a very curious kitty and I think she was more than happy to be photographed especially because we let her be a bit more curious than usual with the embroidery!

Kobe | The Tonkinese

Kobe is a very grumpy cat so the pictures I have of him looking more relaxed are amazing to me and his moms! He’s also a cat that can’t be persuaded easily with treats to sit somewhere nice. Lucky for me, he was already sitting down in his little cardboard bed. It was just a matter of opportunity and he did amazing! Nine times out of ten, it’s much easier to photograph cats at their own house since it’s where they’ll be most comfortable and more agreeable to being photographed.

Lyndsay & Lola

My sister’s best friend’s sister (that’s a mouth full) was visiting Vancouver with her new baby, Lola. We both saw an opportunity to have a small photoshoot near English Bay Beach. I got a moment to hang out with Lola before the shoot which I think was a big help. My sister and I did a beautiful rendition of Baby Shark and the rest was history! Instead of seeing a stranger behind the camera, Lola saw a friendly face. We had many laughs and in one of those moments, I captured this beauty!

Daley | The Yorkipoo

Daley was 10 weeks when I took photos of him and from writing this, he is now about 7 months! For being a rambunctious fluffball, he did amazingly well at sitting for the pictures. Being so small, my dad’s garden was the perfect backdrop for him! Sometimes you don’t have to go far to take some amazing photos. It’s all about angles and where you place your subject in the area you’re shooting. It’s like your own little secret, no one should be able to tell you shot it in a place with many people and houses. I’m excited to take some updated photos of Daley when I see him this holiday season!

Elliot & Pippin | Housecats

Unlike his brother, Pippin was being very sociable and wanted to play a lot! I had photos of him playing, standing, in a play tunnel, on the balcony, on a chair, he was everywhere! Pippin’s parents are two of my really good friends and I was glad that I was able to photograph both their furbabies for them. Pippin is a beautiful cat and posed perfectly for the photos. He was so curious about what I was doing, he was happy just to be involved with whatever we were doing!

Elliot & Pippin | Housecats

Chomp Chomp! The funny pictures are usually the best ones! Elliot was a bit grumpy and standoffish at the beginning of our session but as soon as his parents brought out his favorite toy, the whole mood changed! We were all really happy I captured this side of Elliot as it truly shows who he is. Right after, we went to his second happy place on his homemade platform on their balcony to people watch. Pet photography – takes a lot of patience!

Stanley | The AussieDoodle

This session happened in a quick golden hour evening in a retention pond near my house. The only reason it was so quick was that Stanley was sitting so nicely and responded amazingly well to his mom! Stanley is my next-door neighbor’s 1-year-old dog and for being only 1, he was so attentive. I am in love with the color of this photo, the fall leaves paired with the golden hour made for a twinkling background!

Compact Canmore

The Canmore Engine Bridge trail was such a beautiful and brisk walk. Since we were there for my cousin’s wedding, I only had a small window to go on the Engine Bridge hike and I’m very glad I did! It was great to spend a little time with my parents and take a moment to enjoy the nature around the town. I can’t wait to go back and take more time to sightsee. I’ve always liked hiking and when I found photography, it was very easy to marry the two. Photographs also help me remember all the good times I had while I was there; they also help to include family and friends. Looking at photographs can make you feel like you’re there and stories make you feel like you shared the experiences. That’s what I always hope to do!

A Walk In The Park

The sun was definitely a paid actor during this photoshoot, WOW! When scouting the location beforehand, I noticed the tall grass near the creek and knew I wanted to photograph in it. The grass was already such a beautiful blond color so as soon as we were ready to shoot during golden hour, it just all fell together. I hadn’t done a regular portrait session in a while and Kimberly did such an amazing job modeling! Being such a big park, there are many sweet spots to photograph at. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back to Coranation Park to shoot many more portrait sessions!

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