National Pet Parents Day

My lovely cousin Kaitlyn and her dog Bella were so kind to model for me for National Pet Parents Day. This was a smaller session so I hope to do a longer shoot with these two in the future! Bella is a Cockapoo and Kaitlyn is an amazing pet parent! I love seeing their connection every time I visit them. Bella always wants to be by her mom and if she wanders off somewhere, she always comes back to check-in! Bella tried her very best to focus on her photo debut but when another dog sounds like they’re having more fun, that’s a bit more interesting! I love these two and I can’t wait to see them more in the future!

Once again, Happy National Pet Parents Day! Don’t be afraid to show your companion a little special treatment! Gift them a new toy, take them to their favorite place, or perhaps spend the day giving them a checkup and grooming to make sure they’re healthy and happy!

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