New Ross Patio Ice Sculpture

What an ice day trip to talk about on World Snow Day! On January 10th, my mom and I headed to the Ross Patio to see the new ice sculpture get installed. A few days prior, I got tagged in a Facebook post linking to another article talking about the grand reveal downtown. It sounded really intriguing and they had me at free hot chocolate! I’m trying to be more engaged in the community and thought it would also be a great photo opportunity.

Clear deer in Red Deer! Since it warmed up in the past couple of weeks, it was a perfect temperature to be walking on Ross Street Patio. The family of deers is absolutely adorable! I believe it’s a charming addition to the plaza and Frozen Memories Inc. did a beautiful job. Frozen Memories Inc. is an ice sculpture and craft ice company based in Calgary. The whole thing was breathtaking and it’s crazy how much detail these artists are able to make in the ice!

There were quite a few people which was really awesome to see. The hot chocolate from Black Label Coffee House was super good! I opted for the sweeter option and got mine with whip cream and chocolate drizzle. Had to go through a little bit of a juggling act with this delicious drink in one hand and camera in the other! It wasn’t too chilly but the hot chocolate was still much appreciated. Taking photos period is such a great feeling for me but having people ask me if I could take their photos (obviously taken on their phone) is so appreciated. I don’t how much they realize that this is such a passion of mine. Even if it’s just a quick photo op with a phone, it’s still amazing to see such happy smiles! and I helped do that.

A quick little trick when going places: if you want your picture taken, look for someone with a camera. They probably know more about what they’re doing and they might be a tourist themselves!

The lights above the sculpture were such a great touch to the atmosphere of the reveal. The last two photos of the gallery above, I tried to get a bit creative with it! Just a touch of bokeh to an already great afternoon. I even sat in the snow for a behind shot of the deer, as seen in the photo on the right. No bottoms were frozen in the making of the photo, long coats are really the way to go!

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