On-Location Event Hairstyling

I am so thrilled to tell you about two wonderful people I know! Inez and Erika are talented hairstylists over at Manhatten Hair Company in Red Deer, Alberta. They both do amazing work in the salon but soon they’ll be offering on-location event hairstyling! I don’t know anyone else as qualified at these two! Not only are they professional but they are the most personable hairstylists I’ve ever met.

Inez reached out while I was offering mini sessions and wanted to bring Erika on board to get some headshots and promotion photos for their new hairstyling adventure! They decided that the Cronquist House had the perfect vibes that they were going for and I was excited to get creative with the structure it has. It was so fun goofing off with these two and helping them create something amazing for their future endeavor. I can’t wait to see where this takes them!

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