The Humble Cartel

I had the chance to photograph my friends, The Humble Cartel over at The Vat Pub! It was the most incredible night with great pals and great music. The band was originally going to be just two brothers but it grew into something more extraordinary in my opinion! This group of musicians has so much fun on stage and you can truly see it when they perform. They’re so focused and passionate! I enjoyed photographing these guys, the way they played and moved around the stage was so entertaining! I switched between the left and right sides, I even went up to a higher level to get a shot of the whole stage. I had as much fun as the guys! My favorite part of their set was the fact that so many people stood up and came to the front to listen! Many were dancing, cheering, and taking videos, and selfies! I was so happy for them that they had such a great turnout, it was truly a fantastic night for everyone. I can’t wait to follow their musical journey and go to many more shows!

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