Waterton Day 3

Another rainy day but we made the most out of it! Our day started with homemade banana bread that we got from the local general store the day before. It was apparently made by the Hutterites that live nearby and it was honestly so delicious! Something about homemade baked goods made the day all the cozier. We then HAD to try some Wieners of Waterton because with a name like that, how could you not? I had a “little wiener” with bacon and their special sauce. It was so tasty and it had me wanting more! It was a great lunch spot and very convenient since we wanted to eat it in our room. Calvin and I then revisited some shops and took a look at the lake which was absolutely littered with whitecaps! It was very cool to watch. Calvin got more ice cream and I got some fudge (which is delicious by the way!).

We spent the rest of the day playing games with family and then went back to the Thirsty Bear for supper! We weren’t too hungry so Calvin had some wings and I had some more lettuce wraps. We enjoyed some more games of pool and created a little round-robin which Calvin’s brother and girlfriend won! During the games, I realized that they had the Blue Jays game on this entire time and had missed most of it! Not to worry though because once everyone was finished, Calvin and I had a drink at the bar and watched the end of it. It was an adorable moment that I will never forget! Played more games with the family and then enjoyed Calvin’s company for the rest of the night!

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