Waterton Day 4

For our last day in town, I woke up super early to see if I could grab a couple of pictures of the sunrise but it was unfortunately overcast. I still snagged quite a few pictures and it was actually really peaceful in the morning. The air was so crisp and it was just me and my camera! It was insanely chilly and windy but well worth it. Before we left Waterton, Calvin and I made a trip up to Cameron Lake since it was such a beautiful day! I’m so glad we did because it was amazing to see all the waterfalls and wildlife! There are a ton of turnouts where you can stop, take photos, and see gorgeous falls! We even saw a black bear and her cub as we drove up. There were a couple of vehicles stopped but we had plenty of room to go into the left lane and slowly drive by, as I took more pictures of course! I always love photographing wildlife but I try my best not to cause any traffic problems or disturb the animals.

We finally got up to the lake and wouldn’t you know it, snow!!! The mountains were covered and there were actually little snow mounds beside the parking lot. It was pretty chilly up at Cameron Lake so we didn’t stay too long but also didn’t have a lot of time to hike. As we drove back down, we came across a herd of big-horned sheep! There were about nine of them and they were coming right for us. Good thing neither of us was looking for a fight (just some sparring between sheep) and they got off the road and started towards the grassy mountain. Super cool! Stopped a couple more times to take pictures and then for lunch in town before ultimately heading back home. We ate at Zum’s once again where Calvin tried their well-known wings, I had a chicken caesar salad, and we shared a vanilla milkshake which was delish! It was an awesome last day with my very special person!

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