Thomas Hutlet

The other band that I had the chance to photograph over at The Vat Pub was another friend’s, Hutlet! He is extremely passionate when performing and the shots I got were awesome! Thomas is a single artist but two of his talented friends Jaydin and Tyler helped him put on a stunning performance that night. Thomas also streams games and even his music on twitch under TommyDime! Some of his viewers even came to the show! He’s such a great personality and is so meaningful with his words. You can honestly see that when he’s on stage and it was amusing to photograph Hutlet and his bandmates! The lights during the set were so cool too and added something cheerful to the pictures. But let’s be honest, the boys also added a ton of cheer to the pictures too! All three of them were jamming out and having the best time playing together which made everyone get up from their seats and enjoy the music. I’m excited to see what Hutlet has in store for us in his next album and I can’t wait until his next show!

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