Waterton Day 1

The drive to Waterton was absolutely gorgeous! Calvin and I immediately drove to Red Rock Canyon where we were to meet some family. To our surprise, there were two bears in the field next to the road that leads up to the trail! I got so excited as I rarely see any bears when I go to National Parks closer to where I live. Someone caused a bit of a backup on the road but it wasn’t too long when we started moving again. When we met up with family, we decided to go on the 2km hike before we had to check into our hotel. I hope to go on the longer trails there someday but the short walk was still definitely worth it! You weave in and around the forest before coming to the canyon where there are two good lookout points. One is a bit further away so you can see the whole waterfall connecting to the river, and one is right up close and personal with the falls! It was breathtaking! If you hike a bit further, there are some clearings where you can see more of the top of the river right before the waterfall and you can get fairly close too! Safely of course! After a little break, we headed right back to where we came from!

When we headed into town, we checked into our hotel rooms, which were these cute cabin-like rooms that were accessible from the outside! After we got settled, we took a quick walk over to Cameron Falls which is very close to town. It was beautiful and there was even a trail right beside it! Calvin and I didn’t go far as it seemed like it just kept going up and up and up! We took a quick jaunt to see the view and came right back down to take more photos. We went back into town to check out Waterton Lake and a couple of shops! We ended up having some delicious supper at Trappers Mountain Grill and then finished the day with some ice cream lakeside. It was an awesome first day in Waterton and I’m so happy that Calvin was there by my side!

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