Waterton Day 2

This was one of the rainy days of our trip so not much hiking but still wonderful nonetheless! We started off the day with my friend Robyn calling me and telling me there was a deer right outside our window. I quickly grabbed my camera but ultimately spooked it because it was RIGHT there and turns out there were two! We then enjoyed high tea at the Prince of Wales. So fancy! Calvin and I are not one for tea but it was still nice to enjoy a little lunch with family. We tried the fruity tea and tried to sweeten it the best we could! There were finger sandwiches and tiny desserts, I’ve never felt so fancy! We appreciated the scenery outside for a moment but it was cut short once we realized how windy it was up there.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company and playing card games with family. We all then decided to “bar hop” which was basically all 14 of us going to a couple of places in town, ordering some appetizers, and drinks. First place was the Thirsty Bear where we enjoyed some nachos, lettuce wraps, and sangria (not a huge fan btw). We even got in a few games of pool! The second place we went to was Zum’s Eatery & Mercantile which became Calvin’s and my favorite restaurant there. We had our favorite dish, chicken alfredo, and I had a long island iced tea! I then found an adorable long-neck dinosaur in the attached gift shop and Calvin was so generous in splitting the cost with me. After Zum’s, the majority of people went to the wine bar while we went back to the room to relax for the rest of the evening. Our joke was that our newly bought son was getting restless and had to be put to bed! For a miserable day, we spent it well and with loved ones!

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